Accessibility Resources

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The East Bay Meditation Center is wheelchair accessible. 


Part of EBMC’s mission is that we are rooted in diversity and committed to building inclusive community. This is an ongoing invitation to a practice of openness, compassion and constant learning.

A number of people in our community are harmed by a variety of common chemicals and fragrances — due to allergies, asthma or other chemical sensitivity, they may have difficulty breathing, migraine headaches, flu-like symptoms and more. When we come to EBMC having used products on our bodies or clothing that include fragrances or chemicals, those who are allergic or sensitive are faced with the choice to stay and get sick or leave and be excluded.

Please practice with this awareness at EBMC, and help us make EBMC accessible to all by coming to EBMC fragrance free. May we all be healthy and free from harm.


Important things do:

  • Wear clothes laundered in fragrance-free laundry detergent
  • Avoid laundry softeners such as “Bounce.”
  • Use fragrance-free soap, shampoo and hair products
  • Use fragrance-free lotion
  • Avoid cologne, aftershave lotion, and perfume
  • Read the ingredient labels on all products used on your body or clothing
  • Test each product with your nose or ask a friend with a good sense of smell. Many products are mistakenly marked “unscented” or “fragrance-free” (but actually contain masking scents that can be very harmful).
  • Don’t be afraid to trust your naturally occurring pheromones rather than using added-on scents!

For more information about being fragrance free, please read the articles and resources linked in the right-side column of this page.


This is not meant to be a comprehensive list — new fragrance-free products are emerging every day.

Please note that many products are made by manufacturers who also make scented products. Be sure to buy the unscented or fragrance-free variety!

An excellent all-around product for use in washing body, hair, laundry and housecleaning is Dr Bronner’s Organic Pure-Castille Liquid Soap – Unscented. It’s very concentrated and only a small amount is used by diluting it in water. This is the soap used at EBMC.