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Meet Our People of Color Sangha Coordinating Committee!!

Committee Members & Why You Should Contact Them:

Carmen Alvarez, Teacher Coordination–Did you really like the guest teacher last week? Want to hear more on a certain topic? Let Carmen know and we’ll work it into the schedule!

Sabah Brinson and Anastasia Gomes, Volunteer Coordination–Have you signed up to help at EBMC, but haven’t had the chance to yet? Anastasia and Sabah will get you set up with a opportunity to contribute that’s both a good fit for your skill set & your busy schedule!

Lauren Veasey, Administration–Do you have a question or feedback that should be shared with the POC Committee or EBMC Leadership?

Matt Smith/Kevin Martin, Communications–Do you have a great article or book you just read? Do you want to connect with others in the Sangha around a deeper conversation on a particular subject? Matt and Kevin will make sure that we’re able to share resources & connect to each other through our Facebook group page, our monthly newsletter and our website!

Ramon Honea – Sangha Social/Newsletter – Do you have an announcement you need our community to know about? Ramon could add it to our weekly announcement sent out to our email list! 

The Coordinating Committee meets once a month on the first Sunday of the month, and roles are divided on a rotating basis. The committee is a work in progress!! Please bear with us through the transition & feel free to share any feedback with us at:

Get to know Your POC Sangha Members by Volunteering

Contact the  POC Coordinating Committee for ways to volunteer


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