EBMC is Sustained by the Generosity of our Sangha.

Consider Donating to your Sangha. We offer a number of ways for you to express Generosity.

Giving with pure motivation is called dana paramita, or “perfection of giving.” It is first in a list of paramitas, or perfections, that are to be cultivated in Buddhist practice.

The practice of giving and the virtue of generosity is at the foundation of Buddhism since the time of the Buddha. Generous giving is a wonderful entry point to Buddhist practice as well as expressions of mature practice. At its essence dana is revolutionary because it is a giving freely without any expectation of receiving something in return. Not only is it is an alternative to selfishness, greed, and possessiveness, it is an alternative to the commercial economy that is the basis of our society.*



1. *http://www.tricycle.com/online-retreats/dana-revolutionary-foundation-buddhist-practice